Beer improves your heart health!

Like a survey publicated by PREDIMED (prevention with mediterranean diet) made in Spain, the polyphenols consumption, antioxidants presents in beer. Helps to reduce cardiovascular events like heart attack or vascular brain accident. So beer improves your heart health.

The analysis had the objective of study the effects of mediterranean diet in people who have never cardiovascular events but have a high risk.

With this conclusions, was possible show that specific intake of meals and drinks with a high content in polyphenols like moderate consumption of beer. Reducing the risk of a cardiovascular disease, across the improve in cardiovascular function and decreasing inflammation.

Things that beer provide to us

In this way, the survey let identify that the total intake of polyphenol is significant associated with a decrease close to 40% in all death causes; including cardiovascular causes.

A equilibrated diet and healthy is the key for polyphenols intake, components that can be obtained of many sources.

Far from meals, this antioxidants can be found in traditionals drinks like beer (in 330ml is possible to find 92 mg of polyphenols).

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Beer can help to recover you after a heart attack

A survey publicated in the institute of cardiovasculars sciences (ICCC) links the moderate consumption of beer to an improve of the heart wound healing after a heart attack, according to the data presented along the ‘Congress of cardiovascular diseases’ celebrated in Madrid.

‘Regular consumption and moderate of traditional beer can improve the state of the myocardium damaged’. This was said by the researcher Teresa Padró, commisioned to present this work.

For the survey, researchers used experimentation animals, giving them a diet with a high content in cholesterol, and a low quantities of beer.

After the induction of heart attacks, the animals continued receiving the same diet along 21 days. In this time the scar size was lower in animals whose diet were complemented with traditional beer and without alcohol, comparing to those that had the normal diet.

Beer improves your heart health

‘We can confirm that the moderate intake of beer can encourage the reparative tissue formation after suffer a heart attack.’

In addition, along the survey wasn’t detected any difference of  weight increase between the differents animals. While the group of animals whose diet was supplemented with a moderate consumption of traditional beer showed a improve of the level in HDL, ‘good cholesterol’.

‘We have detected that the moderate intake and diary of traditional beer along 21 days helps to increase the HDL. However, the consumption of beer without alcohol’.


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