Beer is nutritive: more than you think

Like all we know, beer has many healthy properties for us. Far from being a bad allied for our health, beer is a natural drink that can contribute to our organism positive nutrients with a low level in calories. So beer is nutritive.

AssoBirra is the studio that made this investigation, from the association “Italiana de Malta y Cerveceros”.

The conclusions of this studio

First of all, beer doesn’t do you fat and is good for your health, just it must be consumed with moderation.Far from being a liquid without quality, it’s a natural drink, little caloric and it ‘contribute to our organism useful substances, nutritious and energetic’, indicated the investigation.

Fresh, easy to digest and with antirust effect, beer is nutritive and composed with a 90% of water, containing minerals like pottasium and magnesium and microelements like zinc, selenium and vitamins solubles in water (B2, B3 and folic acid), but fiber and a bit of alcohol too.

Beer is very nutritive

The Spanish society of community nutrition includes beer in the healthy food pyramid. Its consumition must be with moderation in adult people.

Although the beer seems like a product very easy to do and get, didn’t have a massive production until the end of XVIII century. Spain is the fourth in the UE in beer production.

Without any doubt, in our country a lot of habitants have included in his diet this drink that many people don’t know.

Beer like ingredient

Like you know, beer is nutritive. Is not only a healthy drink (if its consumed with moderation). It’s too a culinary ingredient that makes the recipes delicious. We are sure you have used beer for cook. Remember

Like many traditional recipes where the chef add wine, there are many recipes with beer that triumph between diners.

We often use beer to cook, and we have some recipes with beer for you.

We hope you find appetizing several of our proposals we show you. Remember that like wine, for cook you have to use a beer that you love, doing the recipe even more good.

 Sirloin Guinness

A white pig sirloin, economic and healthy, stew with black beer, apple, ginger, nuts, is an ideal recipe for a festive day.

Rice with chicken

There is a recipe of rice and chicken in all homes: an adaptation of Latin America, with no doubt totally a traditional recipe.

Pizza dough

Beer contribute an special taste to pizza, and do it more crunchy.You have to taste it.

Beef stew with chestnuts

The beef stews with black beer are a classic in Ireland, above all in San Patricio. It’s not strange, because is a recipe that offers an exquisite tasting, and this is a variant with dry chestnuts.

Come to Beer Spa

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Did you cook a recipe with beer before? Tell us your experiences (we think it will be good). See you in Beer Spa!

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