Beer Spa Tenerife has a wonderful experience for you

We are currently finalising the works for Beer Spa Tenerife opening, and we have great news. It is located in Tenerife, an amazing place undoubtedly.

What have Beer Spa for you?

We are preparing the best experience possible related with your favourite drink.

We will give away you a snack, composed by a little bit of bread, cheese and some type of sausage. Perfect for accompany the beer! In Spain, is tradition to eat some snack with beer and friends, and we want to reflect this in our centre.

This snack is small and easy to eat. In this case, we avoid the possibility of the food falls in the barrel.

How we prepare the beer bath?

Beer bath is probably the most important part of Beer Spa circuit. It consist in water baths, but this water is composed by the principal ingredients of beer. We fill the barrels  with water to 38ºC, and then we add the ingredients: hop, barley, beer yeast, oat and finally ground cinnamon.

We get the toasted color because this ingredient: we add 300 g of this mixture for each 300 l of water.

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The beer foam is not in this bath for a important reason: the foam is produced by the carbonic. Carbonic is in the normal beer, and this mean that have alcohol, that cancel the rest of beer properties.

Like you know, this properties are hidratants, nutritives and for your skin from the silicon and group B vitamines, obtained with the rest of beer components.

After every bath, we empty the barrel. You will share the bath with only your partner, or simply alone, not with unknown persons. But we have big barrels , for 6 persons, perfect for enjoy a magnific time with friends.

Beer sauna

We have a new concept of sauna, like you can deduce from the name. This is a low temperature sauna, because we look for the opening of the pores, for get the beer advantages directly in your skin. With sweat would eliminate all the components, and your skin would lose the beer advantages.

Beer spa circuit duration

First, the beer bath lasts 20 minutes. It is because the hot water stimulate the blood circulation in all our body, dilate our blood vessels and elevate our body temperature. This have so many benefits for our heart health, but if the duration is superior of 20 minutes, our blood pressure decrease.

beer baths

Drink water along the beer bath

The beer taps are located next to the barrels for its easy use while you are taking the beer bath. This is a magnific experience, because you enjoy your favourite drink and obtain the beer advantages directly in your skin.

In the sauna, the beer would be hot all time because the temperature, and there isn’t an available place for drop the glass of beer.

Finally, in the barley bed, drink beer have no sense because for drink you need to be upright, and in this zone you have to be relaxed and lying on the barley bed.

Beer Spa Tenerife opening

Pay attention to our blog and web for be updated about the opening day. This is the first beer Spa in Canary Islands, you can’t lose this experience in Beer Spa Tenerife!


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