Beer strengthen your bones

Some types of beer strengthen your bones, specially the blonde.

The researchers of the California University in Davis, discovered that beer is an important source of silicon; a mineral that in the past was associated to the bone’s health.

This component, according to the scientifics in ‘Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture’, could protect the bone mass of problems like osteoporosis.

Silicon in beer is in soluble form, like silicon acid and the half of this can be absorbed by the organism. It does beer the principal silicon source in west diet.

All the benefits of silicon in beer

Some  surveys in the past had shown that silicon, the chemical element more common in the world, can do our bones weaker. Causing fractures, and moderate consumption can improve the new bone mass formation.

Now, scientifics discovered how much silicon contains each type of beer and the quantity of this mineral can be beneficial.

Researchers analyzed 100 different beers from several countries in the world. They encountered that this drink contains between 6.4 and 56 mg of silicon by litre. With an average of 29 mg by litre.

After analyze silicon level in beer ingredients, they discovered that silicon is mostly in barley shells.

Scientifics discovered that beer with a light colour, have a high content in silicon. While beer with low alcohol level contains less silicon.

Better that wheat

‘Until now, the production factors of beer that have influence in silicon levels, haven’t been studied yet”. This was confirmed by the doctor Charles Bamforth, who directed the survey.

‘In cereals, wheat contains less silicon that barley because this mineral source is barley shells. Although a big part of silicon stays in the shell along the beer elaboration processing; important quantities of this mineral stay too in beer. ‘

More silicon benefits

Scientifics don’t know with precision why silicon benefits your health; and bone mass formation but is believed thar this mineral helps to produce collagen. One of the principal bones components.

A survey done in Cambridge University in 2004 encountered that people who drinks beer with moderation had beter bone density that others who didn’t drink beer. They affirm beer strengthen your bones

This is why experts affirm that if the objective is protect bone health, people shouldn’t increase so much the consumption of this alcoholic drink. Drinking more that 2 beer glasses in a day can have the reverse effect.

The experts affirm too that although the silicon in beer doesn’t replace the calcium that we need for strengthen our bones.

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We are sure you knew that beer has many benefits for our body, but this survey showed that this drink a lot of good things for us. Did you know Beer strengthen your bones health? Share this article with your friends if you liked it.

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