Beer yeast benefits for your dog

Beer yeast is a popular type of fungus because is protagonist in beer elaboration. However, its properties are very extended: we use beer yeast to cook and even like a suplement. In this way, its use is not only for food. We can take advantage of beer yeast benefits creating natural cosmetics, for our skin, nails and hair.

If this product helps our health, why not let our dogs take advantage of its benefits? We can provide them this product without proble, always in adequate quantities.

Beer yeast, a natural remedy against parasites

Thanks to B vitamin, beer yeast acts like a natural repelent fleas. This product provides the dog very disgusting smell to this parasites, and them don’t want to stay.

To boost this effect, we can mix the normal dog shampoo with a bit of apple vinegar, other of the best remedies against parasites.

Favors intestinal transit

Other beer yeast benefits for dogs is his high content in fiber, useful to favors the intestinal transit and digestion. Including this type of products is really good for those dogs that only eat meat and fish. This is good too in comercial feed for animals, that don’t contain fiber.

For this reason, beer yeast is very indicated to treat constipation in dogs.

Helps to treat anaemia in dogs

Beer yeast prevents the anaemia aparition because synthesize iron and favors red globules production, and it helps to combat this disease too.

In this way, including beer yeast like a suplement restore the red globules content in the dog’s blood.

Calm nervous dogs

We must highlight beer yeast calmant effect, perfect for hyperactive dogs, helping to stabilize  its nervous system, giving too peace and tranquility.

Is known too his capacity of improve the sad faces or depressed dogs.

How provide beer yeast to your dog?

To offer beer yeast to our dog and get all the benefits, you should include a little tablespoon in each 10 kg of weight in the food, two times a week. In aenemia or hyperactive dogs cases, you can increase this and provide your dog beer yeast once a day.

You can mix this product in the dog food. With only include the adequate quantity, your dog will take advantage of all beer yeast properties.

Life a full beer experience in Beer Spa

Beer Spa offers its customers a full beer experience. You can take advantage of the benefits of beer on your skin, thanks our spa services and our cosmetics made with some of the ingredients of beer. These are our services:

  • The beer spa circuit gives you the opportunity to take a bath in a wooden jacuzzi full of beer, while you drink as much beer as you want. Then you can open your skin pores in our sauna with hop essences and finally you can relax on a barley bed.
  • We have a lot of special massages, which are made with our beer essences oil beer.
  • There are also many beauty treatments with our special cosmetics.
  • You can also book a beer tasting after our services in Beer Spa Alicante, so you can taste different types of beers

We have 4 wellness centers in Spain: Granada, Alicante, Zahara de los Atunes and very soon also Tenerife! Come to know us!

In conclusion, the ingredients of beer aren’t sophisticating, but how delicious is! In addition, this natural ingredients deliver great advantages to our body. So don’t hesitate and this summer say: A cold beer, please! Cheers!

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