Can beer prevent Alzheimer?

Many surveys confirms that a moderate consumption of wine is good for our organism. We always heard that we should take a coup of wine diary for obtain all its benefits. However, you need to try the beer benefits for your health.

According to a survey, beer could help to combat brain diseases degeneratives like dementia, alzheimer or Parkinson, because its content xanthohumol. This is a chemical product that is in hop.

It is a type of flavonoid that have antioxidants properties. This is a great quality because brain diseases degeneratives often is result of oxidative stress, and other factors, so flavonoid can combat it.

Has been demonstrated that hop has been used along many years by traditional chinese medicine. And his component, xanthohumol, has been studied during years. In 2010, was demonstrated that xanthohumol can remove PSA, a proteine that spreads prostate cancer, and past year was discovered that this flavonoid in high quantities can improve cognitive function.


Beer benefits for your health

Moderate consumption of beer can prevent alzheimer development thanks to his high content in silicon, a substance that can reduce the neurodegenerative effects induced by chronic intoxication of aluminium brain.

This is the conclusion of a survey realized by María José González, expert in Toxicology  in Alcalá de Henares University. Like María José says, aluminium is an important factor for Alzheimer development.

The investigation team demonstrated that intake of traditional beer, with alcohol. With a moderate consumption, reverts the aluminium neurotoxicity, because to his high content in silicon.

This tests was realized in animals, but his results confirms that moderate consumption of beer can reach to prevent the development of this neurodegenerative disease too in humans.

Other beer benefits

But in addition of the previous benefits, moderate consumption of beer has too other advantages. For our health, because, like María José González says, is a complete drink.

‘Beer has many substances that are antioxidants, like polifenols. But vitamines, minerals and hop. Beer apport so much things’, she says.

In this way has been demonstrated too in other survey published by this team: moderate consumption of fermented drinks with a high content of polyphenols, that in beer comes from malt in a 80%. and from hop, in a 30%. This is associated with a reduction of cardiovascular risk.

Precisely, this investigation has been centered in study if these possitive effects of beer is produced in part by the action of a intestinal microbe.

“Polyphenols are just composited presents in our diet and are not digestible. But having contact with our intestinal microbiota, can create metabolites, producing benefits for our health.”


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