Discover the antioxidant properties of beer

Beer is an alcoholic drink of down graduation, resulting from ferment selected yeast, must from barley malt that can be mixed with otther products, like hop flowers. The principal beer ingredients are malt, hop, water and yeast. The most important is water, that is companied of vitamins, aromatic substances, mineral salts… Lets discover the antioxidant properties of beer

Antioxidants in beer

Antioxidant substances in beer comes from the ingredients written above. According to some investigations about antioxidant activity of food ingredients, beer components are:

  • Determinated carbohydrates that acts like reducer sugar, does an antioxidant activity, at least from a scientific point of view.
  • Some aromatic substances that, however, contribute to a good smell and taste, between them are products from Maillard, created during malting, and after, in extraction and cook processes, like extracted substances from hop.
  • Group B vitamins and folic acid from malt and its concentration often increase during barley germination.
  • Phenolic compounds, originating from malt and hop.

Reasons of antioxidant activity

During years, the antioxidant agents has been like substances that act delaying grass oxidation, for example.

In this way, natural antioxidants in beer do a protective function in this quality, ensuring a good conservation of beer taste.

In an investigation realized in Madrid University named “Complutense”, 120 people was selected, with ages between 18 and 50 years old. The objective of this survey is observe how affect the moderate consumption of beer to that people, paying special attention to antioxidant properties of beer and insulin resistance.

Important differences was observed: people who drank beer regularly and moderately, had higher D vitamin level (the vitamin that maintain good calcium and phosphorus levels).

The greater antioxidant protection in beer consumers its caused by the antioxidant action, originating from hop and malt, two principal beer ingredients. Some components, like polyphenols, phenolic acids and flavonoids could reduce organism’s oxidation.

Beer can reduce Diabetes risk

Everyone should know that, with a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, a moderate beer consumption could reduce diabetes type 2 cases. However, those who didn’t drink beer regularly and didn’t practice any sport, had a higher insulin level.

In this way, researchers could not find important differences in grass quantity depending of the beer consumption. So, beer caloric apport is lower that other alcoholic drinks: a 200 ml glass only apports 9 kilocalories.

Discover all the beer benefits in Beer Spa

When you immerse yourself in beer, all the properties of your favourite drink and his bubbles start to do their functions. This properties are:

  • Reduces the wrinkles appareance.
  • Provides vitamins and proteins.
  • Reduces muscular tension and stress.
  • Stimulates skin cells creation.
  • Improves skin circulation and heart rhythm.
  • Eliminates toxis of the body and impurities of the skin pores.
  • Helps to combat some skin diseases like acne and psoriasis.
  • Regenerates body and mind.

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