Drink beer after practicing sports is good for your health!

Every day, we read more surveys that clarify about drink beer after practicing sports. We will talk today about the survey publicated in Nutrients.

The survey BEER-HIIT (“Beer or Ethanol effects on the Body Composition Response to High-Intensity Interval Training”), is a scientific research focused in analyze the effects of a moderated consumption of beer or ethanol in persons who do a high intensity training.

¿How affect the moderated consumption of beer to practicing sport?

In this case, the research wants to determinate if moderated comsumption of beer affects by his content in alcohol: the answer to a programme of high intensity training, all this in real conditions of consumption.

The doctor Manuel Castillo, professor in the Granada University and coordinator of the survey, have presented in Philadelphia this survey, and now he does it in Spain. These are the conclusion:

  • The scientific evidence derivated of this research shows that the improvement in the corporal composition that cause this type of training and is characterizated by a decrease of the fat quantity and a increase of the muscle quantity, not influenced by drinking beer normally.
  • Neither has been observed that this intake influence the fat distribution in visceral or abdominal zone, known as ‘brewery belly’.
  • In addition, among the survey principal results was determinated that a 10 weeks high intensity programme don’t change the weight but improve the corporal composition decreasing fat and increasing health in adults.
  • This possitive effects are not influenced by the beer intake, or his equivalent in alcohol, in moderate quantities. In addition, the beer intake during practicing sport, doesn’t affect to the distribution of corporal fat.


Drink beer after practicing sports helps to rehydration

Furthermore of no having big caloric effects, it can give great benefits. In a survey realised by ‘Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas’ (CSIC) in 2013, a lot of young people data was taken after give them beer or water after practicing sport in extreme conditions. The conclusions were that beer can favour a quick and effective rehydration and avoid muscles pain after practice sport. The experts based in the composition of beer (water,yeast,hop,etc) and the antioxidant properties of its ingredients.

Drink beer after practicing sports,  with alcohol or not, helps to recover the water losses almost like water. During the exercise our body lose water and electrolytes across our sweat, so it’s very important to rehydrate. Some persons drink, that contains electrolytes like potasium and sodium. However, although beer contains less sodium, beer can act like many sport drinks. Its ingredients are malt, water, and more, and don’t have many fat. Beer have a high content of micronutrients like potasium or phosphorus.

In fact, this is one of the benefits more valued by the athletes. In this way was born the movement Beer Runners, in 2007 in Philadelfia (United States) when a runners club, ‘Fishtown Beer Runners,’ discovered a survey that revealed that beer can contribute to recover the hydration after doing exercise.

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