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When you know all about the benefits of beer baths, you want it to be your new beauty secret. Beer is a refreshing drink, but it also has made with rich ingredients, which provide a lot of benefits, especially for your skin and hair.

Beer is a rich nutrients source, which contributes vitamins B, minerals, silicon, fiber and antioxidants. So it offers a lot of benefits to your body.

Beer bath is a therapeutic techniques, which combine relaxing warm beer baths, aromatherapy and massages. Are you ready to know its benefits?

Let’s know the benefits of beer baths

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Beer baths have a lot of benefits both your skin and your hair because of it large amount of nutrients. So note down the most important benefits of beer bath to regenerate body and mind:

  • Beer baths provide the skin a lot of nutrients, such as vitamins, proteins and saccharides. For this reason, it avoids the wrinkles formation and prevents the flaccidity.
  • Both the bubbles and the warm water baths reduce the stress and the muscle tension. In this way, the muscle pains will disappear.
  • This special bath removes the most of the impurities of the pores of the skin because of the high concentration of siliceous. And it also benefits the skin cell renewal thank to the vitamin B.
  • Your blood circulation can improve, as well as your heart rate can increase thank to beer baths.
  • Beer baths are recommended for skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis and cellulitis.
  • Your hair will also take advantage of the benefits of beer baths. It provides a fantastic gloss to your hair. As well as, the nutrients of beer penetrate also your hair. So it will be stronger and healthier. For this reason, there are many people, who trust in beer baths as cosmetic ritual.
  • This unique combination of ingredients stimulate your metabolism.
  • In addition, beer baths are also used to bring good luck and remove bad energy.

What do you need to prepare a beer bath?

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If you want to get all of these benefits, you can try to do it yourself at home. In this case have to know beer baths don’t have just beer. Which are the main ingredients of beer bath?

You will need a tub full of warm water (or jacuzzi). Then you have to add  Yeast (Faex) Powder Extract, Hop Extract Powder, barley Seed Extract Powder and cinnamon aroma.

If you want to make if easier, there are a homemade recipe. You will need a glass of beer and a teaspoon cinnamon. You can also add honey because of its invigorating effect. It also attracts the good vibes and salt removes the negative influences.

You can also improve the fantastic effects on your skin and hair, thank to the special cosmetics made with beer essences.

Some of these ingredients can be hard to find.  For this reason, you can also enjoy a relaxing beer bath in a beer spa.

Where can you take a beer bath?

Beer baths are a usual ritual since ancients times. The ancient Egyptians were the first to take advantage of the benefits of beer baths. This custom spread throughout Europe, especially in Bavaria and the Czech Republic. So in this area you can find the most important beer spa.

  • Beer Spa Praga is the most popular and original beer spa.
  • Thermal Beer Spa in Budapest offers beer baths in ingredients of craft beer.
  • Beer spa in Koscierzyna, Poland, is in Hotel Stary Browar, which is located in an old beer factory.
  • Beer Spa in Tarrenz Austria has the biggest beer pool, which has more than 12000 liters of water and more than 3000 liters of beer. In addition, it is located in the castle of the brewery Starkenbeger, where there is also a beer museum.
  • In Neuzelle, Germany there is the most ancient beer spa in the world. It offers bee baths, as well as beauty treatments with beer essences.
  • From 2017 you can also enjoy a beer baht in Árskógssandur in Island, where you can avoid the cold weather in a tub full of beer ingredients and warm water, while you drink beer.
  • However you can also find beer spa in South America. You can enjoy a beer baths also in Mexico in Hotel Casa Diamante in Guanajuato.
  • There is also a beer spa in USA, specifically in Sisters, Oregon. It is called Hop in the Spa, where you can enjoy a beer bath, as well as many treatments and massages with hop essence.

Take advantage of the benefits of  beer baths in Beer Spa Spain

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Beer Spa Spain offers you our beer spa circuit, which has 3 steps to get all the benefits of beer baths:

  1. You can take a beer bath in a wooden jacuzzi during 20 minutes, while the warm beer bubbles work, you can drink as much beer as you want because there is a beer tap at your disposal.
  2. Then you can relax in the beer sauna, which also opens your skin pores. In this way, beer nutrients can penetrate easier.
  3. Finally, you have to relax on a barley bed, while the beer nutrients penetrate your skin and they start to take effect on your hair and skin.

After our beer spa circuit, you can book any of our massage or beauty treatments, which are made with our own special cosmetics made with beer essences, such as beer shampoo or hop oil.

If you would like to take a beer bath, it is very popular in countries such as Czech Republic or Germany. But to take a relaxing beer bath is also possible in Spain. At the moment there are 3 beer spas in Spain: Beer Spa Granada, Beer Spa Alicante, Beer Spa Zahara de los Atunes. And very soon you can also enjoy a beer bath in Canary Islands because Beer Spa Tenerife is opening in a few weeks!

In conclusion, beer is considered a just refreshing drink, but it is much more than it. Beer is a rich source of nutrients for your body. For this reason, beer baths provide your hair and skin many benefits. So if you want do it your beauty secret, don’t hesitate it and visit us in Beer Spa!

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