Do you know the benefits of beer for hair?

There are a lot of benefits of beer for hair. Maybe it can surprise you, but if you think about the qualities of the beer, you will notice that it is nutrient rich. In fact, beer has many vitamins, proteins, etc, which also act on the hair.

In this post you will find information about how to take advantage of all the benefits of beer for hair.

Which is the best beer for my hair?

The best beer for the hair doesn’t have to be the most expensive or special  in the market. It isn’t necessary.

According to the Dermatological Institute, the alcohol of beer can have the opposite effect of what are we looking for. Because the alcohol can dry the hair. For this reason, you should use the alcohol-free beer.

The non alcohol beer keeps all the properties of the beer and at the same time it doesn’t dry the hair. For this reason, it is recommended for beauty treatment.

Why should you use beer for hair?

It is a well-known treatment for the hair, which was used by the Egyptian people to take care it.

This drink has a lot of nutrients, such as vitamins and proteins. So beer can hydrate and nourish the hair. Not only that, it also clarifies the hair color and gives it major sheen.

Many people use it to stimulate the growth of the hair, as well as a treatment for the frizz hair.

benefits of beer for hair

Let’s know the main benefits of beer for hair

  • Benefit of beer for curly hair

Everybody, who has curly hair, wants to have nice and defined curls. But it is possible only if the hair is very hydrated. In this way, beer can help to get it.

Firstly, you have to boil one liter of water, a glass of beer and the half lemon juice.

Secondly, you should wash your hair with your usual shampoo and rinse with plenty of water.

Finally you can apply our beer mixture as wash water from root to tip. To improve its effects, it is necessary to massage your scalp and repeat this ritual 3 times a week.

  • Do you have dry and damage hair?

Beer gives you a possible solutions to repair your dry and damage hair. You should make a special mixture of beer and olive oil. The recipe is 2 tablespoon olive oil in a glass of beer.

There are 2 ways to apply it:

The first one is like a hair mask 3 times a week. And the second option is to add this mixture in your shampoo. In this way, its apply will be easier and you will get all the benefit of beer in your hair, as well as more volume.

  • Beer helps you straighten your hair

If you want to straighten or shape your hair, beer will help you to have fantastic results. In this way you should wash your hair like you usually do it. Then you have to separate your hair in 4 or 6 parts. And you have to apply a mug of beer in your hair. After 5 minutes you have to rinse with abundant cold water. It isn’t necessary to dry it with the hairdryer because when you comb you will note the benefice.

  • Would you like to repair the split ends without cut your hair?

There is a home remedy made of beer, of course. So you have to elaborate a hair mask with beer and vinegar.

It is easy to do it yourself. The ingredients are 75cc of beer and 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar. You have to mix both to form a homogeneous distribution. Then it is ready to apply it in your hair during about 40 minutes. Finally, you can wash your hair as usual.

How to apply beer in your hair?

If you would like to take advantage of all the benefit of beer for hair, you should jus follow the directions that appear below:

  1. The first step is to pour the beer in a bowl and wait a couple of hours to remove the gas a of the beer.
  2. Secondly, you should to wash your hair as always. You can use your usual shampoo. In this way, your hair will be clean and ready to received the beer treatment. And it will improve its results.
  3. You can apply the beer on your hair with a scalp massage. And then you should wear a shower cap during 20 minutes, while beer treatment works.
  4. Finally you have to rinse with plenty of water. If you want to avoid the smell of beer, you can apply your usual conditioner before you finish the shower.

In this way, your hair will be adequately nourished and hydrated thanks to the benefit of beer.

Take care your hair in Beer Spa Spain

benefits of beer for hair

Beer Spa takes advantage of the benefits of the beer for the beer and much more. In this way, it offers many beauty treatments with beer.

You will have the opportunity to experience the properties of beer throughout your body. The beer spa circuits consists in:

  • A bath in a tub of beer, while you taste some special beer and snacks.
  • The sauna beer will open the pores of your skin. In this way you body take advantage of the benefit of beer easier.
  • You can have a moment of relaxation on a bed of barley.
  • Finally, you can book one of its beauty beer treatments, such as special massages with hop oil, manicure, body scrub, etc.

If you are in Spain, you are a lucky person. Because you have 2 beer spas at your disposal, one of them is in Granada and the other is in Alicante.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of beer for hair, you have to make a choice, which do you prefer? Your hair will look healthier and hydrated both curly hair and straight hair.

Have you ever used the beer treatments to take car of your hair? Did you know all of these  benefits of beer for hair? Tell me your experience with beer treatments for your hair.

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